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Date: 11/17/2009      Time: 10:02
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Turbocharged Soren to Be Mass Produced

Following the fulfillment of the project of matching the engine and car, Soren with turbocharged engine will enter production phase.

Hamid Reza Haji Esmaeili, the head of turbocharged engine project in IKCO R&D center in this regard said, “This project started two months ago and in addition to the car body the main systems such as cooling, electrical, suspension and brakes will be modified.”
“Turbocharged EF7 is the strongest Iranian engine, designed and produced simultaneous with its ordinary type in IPCO (IKCO Powertrain Co.),” he added.
“Turbo unit is the main part of this engine,” he said and added, “high speed is not the only outstanding specification of this engine and speed lovers will enjoy its initial velocity.”
The head of turbocharged engine project reiterated, “Although EF7 is a 1700cc engine, its performance equals to 2000cc ones and its fuel consumption is less.” This 16-valve engine that meets environmental standards produces 155 hp and its torque equals 215 Nm. The fuel economy reaches 7.2l in 100km.
It takes Samand 12.9 seconds to reach from zero to 100 km/h, but the time is expected to be reduced to nine seconds for Soren with turbocharged engine. Based on scheduled programs Soren with turbocharged engine will be put into mass production in the second half of the next Iranian year.

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