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Date: 1/6/2010      Time: 09:13
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EF7 to Be Produced in Isfahan

IKCO intends to produce its national engine in Isfahan province.

Referring to Isfahan’s die-casting and machining potentialities and capabilities, Mohammad Mohammadi SAPCO (IKCO Supplying Automotive Parts Company) CEO in this regard said, “Following the IKCO’s decentralization policy, the company intends to transfer its EF7 engine production units to Isfahan province.”
He later referred to SAPCO’s plans for the development of supply chain through creating foundry units in Isfahan and added, “In order to develop the supply chain and reduce transportation costs, we require making new investments on engine block casting in this province.”
“Three hundred thousand sets of EF7 and four hundred thousand sets of TU5 engines will be produced in the next two years that will cover 80% of the company’s needs,” Mohammadi added.
EF7 is the first Iranian automotive engine, designed by IPCO (Irankhodro Powertrain Co.) in collaboration with German designers in 2005. The engine which is also the first CNG-base one in the world was showcased in the 2008 Engine Expo in Stuttgart, Germany

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