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7th Isfahan International Motor Show

Iran Khodro Industrial Group (IKCO) presented its latest achievement in designing and engineering 14 models of its vehicles on December 21 to 25, 2010 in the 7th Isfahan International Motor Show.

IKCO exposed a variety of products in the exhibition like 207i, 207i with optional extras, Samand SE, Soren ELX, Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.4, custom-built Suzuki Grand Vitara, custom-built Tondar 90 and Tondar van among which the latter was exhibited for the first time.
Iran Khodro Diesel also exposed its light and heavy commercial vehicles, including 2624 dump truck, Faraz truck trailer, Mercedes-Benz vans "Vito" and "Viano", Mercedes-Benz ambulance "Sprinter", the new truck HP 72, light truck and cruise minibus in the 7th Isfahan International Motor Show. In this exhibition, Pars Khodro, Bahman, Bahman Diesel, Arya Diesel and Hyundai Companies also attended to present their vehicles.
In this exhibition, IKCO, Iran Khodro Diesel, SAPCO, ISACO, ISEIKCO, OPCO and IKCO Investment Development Co showcased their new products and technologies in the 2500 square meters fair ground. IKCO Supplying Automotive Parts Company (SAPCO) along with part makers, private companies and ISACO Co. with Isfahan regional office and its dealerships attended in this exhibition.

IKCO Custom-built Cars in the Show
In addition to showcasing custom-built 207i, sport Suzuki and Tondar 90, IKCO custom-built cars Company (OPCO) also presented custom-built equipment at the exhibition.

Custom-built 207i
270i was on display with equipment such as sunroof, cruise control, leather trim, visual alarm kits, power windows, leather mat, rear wing, rear shelf box accessories, rear side visors and sport fuel tank lid.

Sport Suzuki
This SUV was displayed with fully customized sport appearance and owns winter equipment and customized accessories such as aluminum alloy wheels, professional DVD player, night vision system, sport grill, window flap, fog lamps, ski roof rack, front guard, special door sill, chrome-plated side view mirrors, rear sensor and tinted glasses.

Custom-built Tondar 90
This vehicle also possesses equipment such as navigation system, professional audio/video system, remote alarm system, automatic clutch, headrest monitor, rear sensors, power trunk release and bonnet insulation.
In addition to the above mentioned vehicles that were displayed at this exhibition, IKCO custom-built car Company (OPCO) offered over 30 items of special equipment such as automatic clutch system, cruise control, road map, folding power side mirrors, engine enhancer, hands-free mobile and fully automatic power windows.

in this exhibition with the variety of convenient purchasing options appropriate for different income levels, IKCO tried to reach ultimate customer satisfaction.
ISACO Active Presence
IKCO after Sale Service Company (ISACO) attended in the 7th Isfahan International Motor Show vigorously. In this exhibition ISACO exhibited original and fake parts and the packaging system with the aim of letting its customers to tell the difference between the fake and original parts and packages.
The company also was able to highlight the presence of 14 dealerships and after sales services in this exhibition to inform customers about their services.

IKCO Senior Management Emphasis on After-sale Service Quality
Paying a visit to the show, Javad Najmeddin, CEO of Iran Khodro Industrial Group asserted that customer's satisfaction is his company's priority.
In the opening day of Isfahan exhibition he paid a visit to many sales and after sale service, dealerships and part making companies in Isfahan, highlighting customer satisfaction and said, "Quality is one of the most important issues that should be noticeably paid attention to as a top priority in sales and after sale service dealerships".
Referring to IKCO total quality management program and emphasizing the role of this program in boosting the quality of after sales service along with the quality of the products, Najmeddin declared, "All sale dealerships and after sales service should provide customers with the best services."
On the side line of his visit to this motor show, he also mentioned that by the end of March 2011, 250 more dealerships should be established to render appropriate services to the customers.


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