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Date: 4/18/2011      Time: 17:14
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IKCO to Export 15 Thousand New Sedans a Year

ran's leading automaker, Iran Khodro, unveiled Iran's fourth domestically-built car, dubbed Dena, on Saturday, April 16, 2011.

IFollowing previously presented Samand and Runna, Dena is considered as IKCO's third domestically-built car.
With an annual 15 thousand units of export, Dena will substitute for Samand in target markets.
"Built on a locally-designed platform, this D class sedan comes in two models of LX and ELX," said Nima Mosleh, IKCO deputy CEO in New Product Development and added, "LX model is outfitted with an EF7 gasoline engine and a CNG-based engine. The ELX version is equipped with a turbo-charged EF7 engine."
The car currently enjoys a BE manual gearbox and an automatic transmission system is under study.
Dena project was first outlined in March 2010, the production of its first working prototypes began in February 2011 and it reached its operational phase last month. It will enter into mass production phase in early 2012. This could be considered as a record in car production process in Iran. 

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