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Date: 4/26/2011      Time: 14:52
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IKCO New Products Replace Old Ones

IKCO intends to terminate some of its long-produced cars and substitute them with new updated ones.

Introducing cars like Soren, Runna and the most recent one, Dena, under its brand, IKCO is trying to follow the renewing process of its products more seriously and consequently reinforce its presence in competitive international markets by means of modern technologies in new products.
Recently IKCO unveiled its new sedan, Dena. It is supposed to replace Iran's first national car, Samand. Samand is one of IKCO's most popular sedans both in domestic and international markets. Dena is going to hit the markets next year and terminate Samand production gradually.
Roa is another sedan the production of which is going to halt. It has been designed and produce based on Peugeot 405 platform.
During Dena unveiling ceremony, Javad Najmeddin, IKCO CEO stated that the company is going to stop Roa production and introduce a new sedan in this class. He also emphasized that IKCO is to allocate at least three percent of its sales to R&D to expand its capabilities in design and developing competitive products.
IKCO also aims to introduce a new commercial car for Paykan pickup, the production of which has been continued despite Paykan. It is to be replaced with a product of Samand portfolio.
IKCO phased out one of its best-selling sedans, Paykan, six years ago since the car's technology was too old.
Prior to Dena, another car was introduced by IKCO, named Runna. According to IKCO CEO, Runna is a safe and affordable car that meets global recent standards. It is going to hit the market by the end of August.
These new products will bring a new face and reputation to IKCO brand in domestic and international markets and make it more competitive. In order to ramp up its competitiveness in global markets, IKCO has taken some other measures like improving its cars' fuel efficiency and aiming to reduce its cars' fuel consumption to 7.4 L/100Km.

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