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Date: 5/22/2011      Time: 09:46
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Iran Khodro Industrial Group on the Throne of Iran's Auto Industry

Producing 774,965 units of passenger cars and commercial vehicles in 2010, Iran Khodro Industrial Group took the top rank of car manufacturing in Iran.

Based on a report issued by IVMA (Iran Vehicle Manufacturer Association), Iran Khodro Industrial Group produced 658,816 units of passenger cars, 106,792 units of light commercial vehicles and 9,357 units of semi-heavy and heavy commercial vehicles in 2010.
The report introduces Iran Khodro Industrial Group as Iran's top carmaker that makes 48.5% of the country's total car products. It is followed by SAIPA Automotive Manufacturing Group with 46.62%.
Iran Khodro Industrial Group is not only Iran's biggest carmaker but also the Middle East's.
The report also indicates that SAIPA Automotive Manufacturing Group produced 745,780 units of different types of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. SAIPA produced 680,254 passenger cars, 57,652 light commercial vehicles and 7,845 semi-heavy and heavy commercial vehicles.
Based on the report, Iran Khodro Industrial Group and SAIPA Automotive Manufacturing Group hold more than 95% of Iran's domestic market. Iran produced 1,599,454 units of cars in 2010 and ranked 13th in global auto industry.
IKCO aims to produce and market 850 thousand cars in 2011.


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