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Customer-Orientation, Main Principle in Automotive Industry

"Fourth Iran Automotive Industry International Conference (IAIIC) provides us with a great opportunity to promote our sale and after-sales service outlets," said the spokesperson for Iran’s Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade.

According to IAIIC Secretariat, Manouchehr Tahaee went further adding, "The conference which is set to be held with the main focus on sale and after-sales service can broaden the experience of our local companies."

The head of the policy making council of the conference also said Iranian car manufactures can provide their customers with further satisfaction through taking advantage of the global brands’ know-how and experience.

Tahaee cited information exchange as another theme of the conference and said, "Quality promotion is the first fruit of exchange of information and experience among car manufactures."

He emphasized the role of local part makers in the quality promotion of Iranian vehicles saying, "Iranian part makers will take part in the conference to gain the relevant experience of leading brands for promoting the quality of our final products."

Tahaee hoped that the conference could enable the Iranian car manufacturers to provide their customers with more satisfaction and turn customer orientation into one of their main principles.

He finally touched on the possibility of signing tentative agreements between Iranian car companies and their foreign counterparts during the conference and concluded, " If finalized, the agreements can pave the way for further cooperation among Iranian and foreign companies."

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