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Peugeot 2008 to Enter European, Iranian Markets Soon

The agreement between Iran Khodro and Peugeot will leave Iran with a huge economic profit, said Head of the joint venture between Iran Khodro and Peugeot (IKAP).

Mohammad Reza Motamed also noted that the first joint product of the two sides (Peugeot 2008) would enter the European markets in a few days.

He went further adding that the car would also hit the Iranian market within one month after it hits the European market, adding the move is unprecedented in Iran’s automotive industry history.

"Entering of Peugeot 2008 in the Iranian market just within one month after the European markets highlights the high intelligence of the Iranian side in signing the agreements with its foreign partners in the new round of cooperation,” he said.

Motamed also said this car conforms to the geographical features of Iran, adding the vehicle in the European market will be equipped with a 1200cc engine but in Iran it will enjoy 1200cc and 1600cc engines.

"We must first make sure of the quality of our after-sales service as part of efforts to bolster our customers’ confidence in the trademark," he emphasized.

He cited the massive operations of IKCO's reliable outlets across the country as the strength point of IKAP saying, "To sell IKAP cars, we need a special sale model."

"IKCO's outlets are preparing themselves to offer fast service to IKAP cars, while some elected ones will present exclusive service to these cars," he concluded.

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