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Date: 2/11/2017      Time: 10:06
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Renault Capture's Presale in Iran

Renault Capture, which is solely presented by IKCO in Iran's market, is a high-quality vehicle equipped with the latest technologies.

IKCO Deputy CEO in Marketing and Sale, Mostafa Khankarami announced the presale of the car's 2017 model has taken place.

"The 2017 enjoys new optional extras as leather seats, front seat heater, center console and rear and rare-side smoked glasses,” he added.

Khankarami referred to the positive feedback taken from the customers in Iran's market for the vehicle and said, "To meet the market's demand, we presold the vehicle on February 8 and we are also planning for further sales of the vehicle in the future.

Renault Capture is a crossover which has received warm welcome in Iran. And now it seems the presale of the vehicle has attracted many customers.

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