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167% Production Boost for Iran Khodro Tabriz Co.

Rolling out 80,198 sets of cars in the current Iranian year (starting March 20, 2016), Iran Khodro Tabriz Co. recorded 167% boost in production compared to the previous year.

Given the data on the type and volume of the cars, Iran Khodro Tabriz Vice-president declared that during the mentioned period, his company manufactured 12323 sets of gas and CNG-gas sipping Arisun pick-ups, 66172 various types of Samand and 1503 sets of Soren powered by S90 engine.

According to him, increased productivity leads to lower production costs, while skilled human resources can guarantee boosted production and high quality products.

In the meantime, Asghari announced Iran Khodro Tabriz Co. has set the production target of more than 120,000 vehicles for the upcoming year.

Located in East Azerbaijan province, Iran Khodro Tabriz Co. is a subsidiary of IKCO that manufactures Samand and Soren sedans and Arisun pick-up.


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