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Date: 5/31/2017      Time: 11:35
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TAM Iran Khodro in Two Specialized Exhibitions

For the first time, TAM Iran Khodro Company participated in the 24th Agrofood Fair presenting its robotic capabilities.

Marketing its services and products, this subsidiary of IKCO studied the precise requirements of the customers, industry activists, competitors and potential partners during the fair.

Designing and constructing smart automatic warehouse, changing production lines to robotic ones, developing industrial manipulators to boost production, designing and implementing industrial plants and conveyor lines, monitoring, SCADA and BMS, were the company's latest services presented in the fair for food industries.

TAM Iran Khodro Company also took part in the 1st Specialized Exhibition of Control, Instrumentation and Industrial automation of Iran and showcased its latest achievements in control and instrumentation, designing and engineering, software, industrial automation and revamping.

TAM SCADA software for supervisory control and data collection system, designed and developed by TAM experts, was also introduced to the industrial activists in this exhibition.

During the exhibition which was also attended by international companies like Siemens, TAM showcased a machining robot displaying its competence in the aforementioned fields.

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