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6500 Sets of IKCO Dena on IME

For the first time this year, Iran Khodro Industrial Group is going to present 6500 sets of IKCO Dena on Iran Mercantile Exchange.

Dena is one of the latest products of the company that has been recently assessed by IQSI (Iran Quality & Standard Inspection CO.) and is granted three quality stars.

Hashem Yekehzare, IKCO CEO said in this respect, "We are supposed to produce 26,000 sets of Dena this year, 25 percent of which i.e. 6500 sets will be offered on IME."

According to him offering Dena on IME, IKCO has targeted establishing new financing methods and liberalizing vehicle prices with taking advantage of a 10% tax exemption on sales revenue taxes, transparency in prices and transactions and issuance of standardized equity balances.

"This is where the true price of the cars can be detected as long as the existing supply and demand can result in coming across with a fair price," asserted Yekehzare and added, "offering IKCO Dena on IME can prepare the ground for other cars, thereby other IKCO cars will be offered on IME, should our experience with Dena turn out good."

According to the latest car quality assessment report released by IQSI in June this year, IKCO Dena+ was ranked as one of the top quality domestic cars with its three quality stars.

In this evaluation, domestically produced cars are assessed based on safety, equipment, features and various technical specifications.

IKCO Dena+ was respectively granted three quality stars and has gained a good position amid other domestic cars in the first month of entering the market.

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