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Promoting Customer Satisfaction in the Pursuit of Innovating Services

According to ISACO's CEO, the reports of Iran Quality and Standard Inspection Co. confirms that ISACO's customer satisfaction index in Iran has grown dramatically in Q4 1395 (Dec 20, 2016 – Mar 20, 2017), showing 26 improved customer satisfaction scores compared to its same period last year.

Referring to the fact that ISACO has focused on innovation in the provision of services, Sayed Reza Hosseini added, "AutoClick program, admission of customers at night, provision of services in the second shift, use of electronic technology in customer reception, integrated business system and services based on customer needs and day-to-day technologies, including information technology, fault diagnosis, track and trace and the like are the programs and services designed and delivered at ISACO.

He commented on plans for monitoring the performance of the ISACO delegations and said, "The random visit to regional offices in order to better engage the headquarters and dealers has begun since the beginning of the Iranian year 1396 i.e. March 20, 2017.

This is to identify problems and directly communicate with the service providers to remove barriers in the process of presenting services to customer.

In ISACO, we are responsible for examining how we provide our customers with services, responding to our dealers' issues and finally modifying these issues."

Hosseini also explained about the implementation of the Comprehensive Commerce and Services System in at least 80% of the service network by the end of June 2017 and said, "This system is going to manage and optimize spare parts inventory, repair time and reception/deliverance process, using online information by the end of December."

He also referred to informing customers of ISACO's different and innovative services as his company's next plan and added, "It is our duty to let our customers differentiate between the parts and services provided by ISACO and other supply sources and also inform them of their rights."

The CEO of ISACO also claimed, "This year we are planning on attracting our customers trust, promoting IKCO brand, boosting quality and productivity, identifying customer's demand and innovating after sales service."

IKCO has nearly 800 sales and after sales service throughout Iran, having ISACO responsible for providing IKCO cars with required after sales service.

The company which is one of the largest after sales service companies in Iran has also put supplying and upgrading its services to IKCO's foreign dealerships on its agenda.

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