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IKCO in Azerbaijan Int'l Industry Exhibition

Iran Khodro Industrial Group exhibited five sets of its vehicles in Azerbaijan Int'l Industry Exhibition.

Iran Khodro Industrial Group participated in this exhibition (Caspian Expo- 2017) and showcased IKCO Dena, IKCO Runna, IKCO Samand, Peugeot 207i and Renault Tondar.

The exhibition was opened in the presence of Javad Jahangirzadeh, Iran's Ambassador to Baku, Niyazi Safarov, Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and a number of officials from the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Iran Khodro is well known in Azerbaijan and its cars such as Samand are popular in this country. In line with the development of its market in this country, IKCO attended Baku Expo. The exhibition was open to the public in September 13-15.

The results of the surveys show that Iran Khodro brand is a reliable one in Azerbaijan. Therefore, in order to revive and develop IKCO's share of the regional markets, the construction of IKCO production site in the city of Neftchala started last month, with the Azerbaijani side's investment of $14 million.

The project is scheduled to go operational by the first half of the next year.

IKCO with the production capacity of one million vehicles is the largest automaker in the Middle East. Last year, the automaker produced nearly 700,000 different types of passenger and commercial vehicles for domestic and foreign markets.

Samand which is very popular in the CIS countries especially Azerbaijan is considered as one of the most well-known passenger cars made by IKCO.

The company intends to export its new cars, Dena and Runna, to the CIS countries in order to boost its share of the market in this region.

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