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Date: 10/30/2017      Time: 14:10
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New cars on IKCO's New Platform

The representative of the Italian car design firm, Pininfarina, says the company has launched a joint project with Iran Khodro Industrial Group to design new platforms for IKCO’s future vehicles.

 In an address to the Early Suppliers Involvement (ESI) for IKCO’s new platform, Geno Mozako, said the design and development of new vehicles as well as internal-combustion engines with other companies in this cooperation is among our main goals in Iran.

He went on saying Pininfarina’s main strategy is unprecedented which includes not only designing of a vehicle but also other features like fuel efficiency, safety, environment-friendly and competitiveness.

“Producing vehicles in various types like hatchback, sedan, crossover and SUV have been predicted for the new platform. Meanwhile, we have an eye on hybrid and electronic vehicles,” he said.

Pininfarina company is a designing and engineering company which has already designed some leading brands like Ferrari.

According to the representative, Pininfarina is also active in propulsion production and is capable of producing it for certain vehicles in a limited number.
“Pininfarina is the only company which tests and analyses all stages of development itself,” he noted.

It’s noteworthy that the first ESI for IKCO's new platform was held on Wednesday (October 25) in SAPCO complex with the presence of leading foreign suppliers as well as more than 80 Iranian companies.

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