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SAPCO CEO Outlines IKCO’s New Project

The CEO and President of Iran Khodro's Supplying Automotive Parts Company, SAPCO, says a project underway in Iran Khodro Industrial Group to build new platform for new vehicles is aimed at promoting IKCO’s brand across the world.

Hussein Najari said at present some leading foreign companies like Pininfarina from Italy which is active in designing of vehicles, Hyundai Powertech from South Korea active in designing and development of automatic gearboxes and Mahle Group from Germany involved in designing engines for vehicles are among the main partners of Iran Khodro’s new project.

Najari said that leading foreign brands as well as over 100 domestic companies are involved in the new project.

He went on saying the Italian firm Pininfarina is involved in designing a modular platform for hatchback, sedan, crossover and pick up vehicles. “Mahle group will design propulsions with gasoline combustion.”

Najari also said the new vehicles will be produced at two high and low level features with a three-cylinder turbocharges propulsions for both levels.
“Industrialization projects will also be launched at the same time in body and assembly sites,” he noted.

The CEO and President of SAPCO said the first new vehicle will be lunched in the next two and half years. “We aim to exporting 30 percent of the vehicles and producing 70 percent of the auto parts inside the country.”

He described the presence of leading companies in the project as significant and added at present more than 600 domestic auto parts makers are working with SAPCO providing IKCO with various auto parts for its productions.

“All foreign companies are supposed to establish cooperation with domestic companies to fulfill the goals of the project. Meanwhile, we will see an exchange of know-how and engineering knowledge on hybrid and electronic vehicles during the project,” he concluded.

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