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IKCO Gains More Market Share by New Platforms

Iran Khodro Industrial Group has managed to increase its market share through introducing new platforms for new vehicles, said Design and Development Manager of Iran Khodro, Kamran Sepeheri.

 In an address to the first meeting of platforms builders for IKCO’s new models, Sepehri said with the new platforms as well as new products, IKCO has already managed to increase its market share and will fulfil its export targets as well.

He referred to the economic growth of Iran amid international sanctions and said Iran’s infrastructures are better compared with those of the regional states and “our human resources with their higher knowledge and appropriate skills serve as our main competitive edges against rival car manufacturers.”

“With its 85 million populations, Iran has a high demand for vehicles and this provides the foreign investors with a good opportunity to invest in the country,” he noted.

Sepeheri also referred to the high sale of vehicles in the Iranian market and added back in 2016, IKCO sold 1.5 vehicles ranking 13th in terms of Iranian market shares. ”But the ranking will be promoted in the future with unveiling of new models.”

He described Iran Khodro as the largest and most leading Iranian car manufacturer and said with the west’s market saturation; most leading car makers in the world have turned to Iran for investment and producing new vehicles.

Sepehri cited IKCO’s capacities for production, design and development of new vehicles as well as its skilful human resources as competitive edges and said IKCO has the largest sale and after-sale services network across the country which provides the foreign companies with a good opportunity to invest in Iran.

Elsewhere in his address, Sepeheri also said IKCO is following some mid-term goals including production of 1.5 vehicles each year, preserving its current market share, producing various models and increasing its export by 30 percent.

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