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Date: 11/2/2017      Time: 14:18
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IKCO’s Production Experiences 14% Growth

The production of Iran Khodro Industrial Group has experienced a 14 % growth in the first seven month of the current Iranian calendar year compared with a similar period last year.

Iran Khodro produced over 390,000 vehicles during the first seven
months of this Iranian calendar year which compared with the number of
cars produced in the similar period last year (342,000) showed a 14
percent growth.

The largest growth fall on Peugeot 405 with 81,000 units, followed by
Peugeot 206 with 77,000 units, Peugeot Pars with 68,000 units, Samand
with 60,000 units, Tondar with 28,000 units and Dena with 19,000

Meanwhile, IKCO sold about 380,000 vehicles during the same period
which shows a 14 percent growth (332,000 units) compared with the
similar period last year.

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