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Boosting Customer Satisfaction by Improving Cars' Quality

Based on the assessment accomplished by Iran Standard & Quality Inspection Co, of the four new IKCO cars, two have received four quality stars and the other two have received three and two quality starts each.

Mojtaba Ostadharimi, IKCO Deputy CEO in Quality reported on the improvements achieved in the other two indicators in the quality of IKCO cars and stated, "According to the results of the surveys carried out this year on Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) and Initial Quality Study index (IQS), IKCO cars have witnessed 14% improvements, mostly on IQS as an international index.

Ostad Rahimi also stressed IKCO customers were mostly satisfied with Dena, Dena+, Peugeot 207 and Arisun and added, "Boosting customer satisfaction considering the quality of cars and services has always been one of the main priorities of IKCO and we are pleased to see noticeable quality improvements this year along with production increase."

IKCO Deputy CEO in Quality opined, "To improve quality over the past three years, 1143 projects have been defined, 68% of which have been already fulfilled."

Given the quality of auto parts as one of the important measures in IKCO supply chain Ostad Rahimi predicted, "Supervising the selection of auto parts makers, quality control in the process of manufacturing auto parts and also in the mass production process is the main approach of Iran Khodro Industrial Group and it should be noted that so far we have succeeded in this matter with the cooperation of SAPCO."

"To enhance technical Know-how and take advantage of the technical capacity of foreign partners, we have started cooperating with IKAP; the cooperation will result in implementation of 13 headlines in different sections of the production lines and ultimately the value chain," asserted the Deputy CEO and claimed, "this also involves the use of new technologies and modernization of all types of hardware in auto parts making companies."

According to Ostad Rahimi, IKCO has started producing platforms, cars, engines and new gearboxes, and auto parts makers that do not meet the required up-to-date technologies will be withdrawn from IKCO's supply chain.

Referring to IKCO's plan on cooperation with universities and scientific centers he said, "We have signed a memorandum of understanding with Sharif University to jointly carry out 6 projects, bringing university classes to production shops to take full advantage of this cooperation."

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