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Export of Custom Cars

IKCO export department and OPCO, IKCO Option Company, together will expand the export of custom cars to target markets.

Considering customers' interest in custom cars, as part of the automobile sales process in export markets, IKCO has focused on presenting optional extras to pursue customer satisfaction as one of its priorities.

Accordingly, the first step in introducing option products in Iraq's market is taken through the international trade exhibition of this country.

In this respect, IKCO and its representative in Iraq are going to open a stand close to IKCO stand presenting optional extras for the company's cars in Iraq.

Customers, therefore, can get the equipment they need through the company's producer of custom cars (OPCO). In addition, two major car dealerships in Baghdad (ZSCO) will display custom parts of Iran Khodro, introducing them to the customers.

Based on this report, export of custom cars to Iraq is on IKCO's agenda and the company has targeted dispatching high quality optional extras with competitive prices to this market.

Other measures taken in the export process of the optional equipment, is to equip and dispatch police cars needed by the country of Armenia. In the meantime, IKCO is working with the country to provide CNG-gas sipping cars with the required optional extras.

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