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IKCO to Boost Its SUV Share of the Market

"At present, the production capacity of SUVs in Khorasan site is 120 sets per day, which is supposed to increase to 240 sets per day by the end of the year," asserted Iran Khodro Khorasan CEO.

Referring to his company's strategic target of gaining a 25-30 percent share of the market for SUV products in the country, Zahedi Fard added, "In recent years, projects have been implemented to increase production capacity in this site, while our production reached 163 thousand sets last year."

Iran Khodro Khorasan CEO also announced on the sidelines of the International Automobile Fair in Mashhad that this year's production target is 180,000 sets of vehicles including 40,000 SUVs and 140,000 Peugeot cars.

Given the increased diversity in the SUV portfolio in recent years, he said, according to a five-year strategy set up in 2016, a new SUV will be added to Iran Khodro Khorasan's portfolio each year.

Accordingly, after releasing Hima equipped with two engine types of 2000cc and 1,800cc turbocharged, a Suzuki Grand Vitara facelift and Hima S5 have hit the market.

In the meantime, Iran Khodro Khorasan CEO emphasized that the direct employment of 5,000 workforces in this site, is resulted from the company's focus on its social responsibility, bringing about economic, social and cultural security to the region.

Iran Khodro Khorasan Company is a subsidiary of Iran Khodro Industrial Group in which the whole production process takes place, supported by various body, paint and assembly shops.

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