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Date: 9/25/2018      Time: 12:25
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Boost in Casting Parts' Export

Iran Khodro Industrial Group could noticeably boost export of its casting parts in H1 2018.

Accordingly the Group has successfully exported 1500 tons of OEM casting parts in this period.

In this respect, Mohammadreza Falsafi, IKCO's Director of parts' export emphasized that considering the current situation developing exports specially OEM parts' export could bring about better exchange earnings.

"We have planned on accelerating production of casting parts to fully benefit the existing capacity of Iran Khodro Industrial Group's auto part makers, along with improved quality," he claimed.

Falsafi also noted, "To boost auto parts' export, we have interacted with foreign component making companies and have received special orders for production of auto parts to be exported for non-domestic vehicles."

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