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Mexico to Import IKCO CNG-burning Cars' Know-how

Visiting IKCO production lines, the Mexican delegation asked for the company's technical know-how for the production of CNG-burning cars.

Fanaei Director of Iran-Mexico Trade Department said in this respect, "The transfer of technology for the production of CNG-burning cars provides the basis for developing ties between the two countries."

Referring to IKCO Dena and IKCO Soren as two of the favorite cars of the Mexican people, he reiterated, "Given Iran's position in the world in the technology for CNG-burning engines, we have intended to import this technology to our country".

According to Fanaei IKCO's cooperation in transferring the CNG engine's technology would provide the ground for Mexico to join the G20.

In the meantime, IKCO's Export Director in Europe, Asia, America, and CIS referred to the rich natural gas reserves in Mexico, and added, "Iran's production of CNG-base engines is considered as its competitive advantage in the Mexican market."

She also claimed, "In order to organize the Mexican taxi fleet, a number of IKCO cars will be dispatched to the country soon. However, IKCO will invest in running the production site through presenting engineering services and consultation."

It should be noted that the representatives of one of the largest holdings in Mexico also paid a visit to IKCO production lines to study the feasibility of signing a contract with IKCO to import passenger cars and CVs and also establishing a production line in this country.

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