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IKCO Collaborates with Knowledge-based Companies on Plug-in Cars

In a meeting, the Iranian Vice-President for Science & Technology and IKCO CEO underlined the importance of collaboration with knowledge-based companies to design and develop plug-in cars.

IKCO Collaborates with Knowledge-based Companies on Plug-in Cars

In this meeting, the Vice-President emphasized on cooperation with IKCO as well as establishing links between knowledge-based companies and this industrial group.

While confirming the activities of Iran Khodro Industrial Group so far, he expressed readiness to cooperate and provide technological knowledge-based activities with the support of the country's financial institutions.

Stressing the importance of the capabilities of knowledge-based companies in developing automotive industry, Moghmi, IKCO CEO, said, “In order to make a good and reliable character of automotive industry we need to try hard and be supported by knowledge-based technology and innovation”.  

He referred to IKCO’s intention to use the country's young and creative scientists and engineers and added, “We are determined to create a unified movement toward new products including plug-in cars”.

Customer satisfaction, investment in product development and increasing the level of localization of parts and components are among IKCO’s priorities.

Using elites and creative youth to design new products is the company's another new plan.